Thursday, May 23, 2013

Here's to Florida Beer History, Sláinte!

Imagine walking out into the cool, breezy night air--away from the bright lights, bubbling conversations, and glamor of Jazz-age music. Imagine walking out past where the bathing beach would be one day, out onto the lengthy pier to overlook the darkness of Honeymoon Island, then known as Hog Island. Someone slips you a coveted bottle of beer. This being the times of prohibition, a bottle is a much coveted treat. Rumor has it, this ale was brewed right here in Dunedin, Florida. You look back at the magnificence of the Fenway Hotel.

Dunedin has a long, rich history, especially one of enjoying quality drink. From boasting Florida's oldest craft brewery to anticipating our new whiskey distiller, we are a town of tradition and innovation, nature and city. Not only are our islands amazing, our pub crawl is second to none.

To explore this history, and the history of beer, the Dunedin Museum will open their "A Pint of History" exhibit this Friday evening, May 24th, 2013. For this event, we've loaned a special piece of craft beer history: the Brew Cactus, a mobile brewing system invented by our founder to research the brewing process before opening the Dunedin Brewery.

After checking out the exhibit, be sure to stroll down Edgewater and take that historic look out at Honeymoon Island before joining us for a well-crafted brew. There's nothing better than raising our glasses to the years behind us and the years before us.

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