Monday, July 30, 2012

FL-Oregon Trail Part 2: Brewing Astoria on the Rock

By now you've hopefully read "Part 1: The Road to Portland" & know that we've been on the road to the 25th Annual Oregon Brewers Festival. Last week, we visited our friends at Fort George Brewery to brew a couple batches of beer with their crew. Here's a glimpse into our visit:

We arrived in Astoria on Sunday, July 22nd just in time to be greeted by our most gracious host, Constance, and the Fort George family. They welcomed us with cans of Vortex IPA & Sunrise OPA, moose sliders & quinoa salad. A feast was had in this beautiful yard:

Constance's Garden of 'eden

Joining us in Astoria was our head brewer, Norman Dixon, & brewer, Rick Crance. The next morning at 8am we arrived at the Fort George Building to brew with Fort George brewers Piper & Jason Palmberg. While the production brewery at Fort George--keeping up demand for their 5 mainstays (1811 Lager, Sunrise Oatmeal Pale Ale, Vortex IPA, & Cavatica Stout)--is a 30bbl brew-house, Piper is the lead brewer of the system in the Fort George Pub, dubbed "Sweet Virginia". Her brewing system is a 9bbl steam-jacketed powerhouse that keeps the Fort George fans satisfied with one-off batches & pub-only beers:

Sweet Virginia in action
During our 3-day visit, we brewed two batches of beer. The first was Fort George Brewery's Nut Red Ale. This session with Piper & Jason helped our brewers familiarize with Sweet Virginia. The following day, we brewed our return collaboration, Astoria on the Rock (see: Vortex on the Bay: Cross-Country Handshake). Astoria on the Rock is a Double IPA recipe brewed at Fort George Brewery with Astoria water & Fort George yeast. The hop varieties showcased are Summit, Centennial, Chinook, & Cascade. It will be released in August at Fort George Brewery & Public House.

Brewing Astoria on the Rock
Piper & Norman checking the kettle during sparge
90% of brewing is cleaning up
Brew day is over, time to reap the rewards
After a good brew day comes disc golf

Coming up next will be a re-cap of our time at the 25th Annual Oregon Brewers Festival in Portland.

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Monday, July 23, 2012

FL-Oregon Trail Part 1: The Road from Florida to Oregon

We're in Astoria, Oregon for a few days to brew our collabeeration with Fort George Brewery, giving us an opportunity to reflect on the first leg of our expedition, the FL-Oregon Trail.

FL-Oregon Trail

Astoria, OR -- Less than 24 hours after our 16th Anniversary Party, 2 of us hit the road with 18 kegs in our new refrigerated truck. The beer, IPA Chronicle 6: FL-Oregon Trail, is an IPA brewed with orange peel & FL orange blossom honey created specifically for the 25th Annual Oregon Brewers Festival.

With little time to spare, our first 5 days were a high-speed burn to Portland, OR. We drove through Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, & finally Oregon. Here are some shots from the road:

Dunedin, Florida: 0.0 miles

Headed NW

Gateway Arch St Louis
The Gateway Arch in St. Louis

Red Rocks in Wyoming
Scenic Red Rocks in Utah
Snake River Canyon
Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls, Idaho
Oregon Trail
FL-Oregon meets Oregon Trail
Prodigal Son Brewing Company
Our first pint in Oregon at Prodigal Son Brewing Co.
Full Sail Brewing Company
Full Sail Brewing Co. in Hood River, OR
Widmer Brothers Brewing Company
Delivering beer at Widmer Brothers Brewing for Oregon Brewers Festival
Hopworks Urban Brewery
Hopworks Urban Brewery (HUB) in Portland, OR
Space Needle Seattle
Enjoying Emerald City beer in the Emerald City
The Pike Pub Brewery
Meeting up with old friends for beer at The Pike in Seattle
Temperate Rainforest Evergreen State College Olympia Washington
Temperate Rainforest at the Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington
Pints in Hoaquim, WA at the 8th Avenue Ale House
Fort George Brewery
Learning the ins & outs of Fort George Brewery (Astoria, OR)

Today we are helping the Piper & Jason brew their Nut Red Ale before brewing our Astoria on the Rock, our collaboration with Fort George Brewery. Today at 5pm, Vortex on the Bay (Dunedin Brewery/Fort George Brewery) will be tapped in the Fort George Pub. Here's to beers & brewing across the country!

Our next blog entry (FL-Oregon Trail Part 2) will highlight our collaboration brew here at Fort George Brewery. Check back for it in the next few days. Cheers!

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Fort George Brewery

See you soon!