Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Discovering Beer in Florida, Brewer Ricky Crance

Brewer Ricky Crance has been with Dunedin Brewery for seven years and is proudly known for having created our cask and treatment program. Today, he shares with us his favorite Florida beers:

For our beers, Dunedin Brewery Pale Ale because it's really refreshing and a great session beer. Anyone can get off work and have one or two drinks.

I also love Barley Mow's Common Eileen. We don't see this style of beer on this coast often, a California Common. Not only that, but it's done well. What's great is that we are seeing Florida beers like this that are exploring past IPAs.

7venth Sun Midnight Moonlight is my final choice for great Florida beer. It's tart, light, and refreshing. It's almost a beer version of lemonade, which is uncommon and perfect for this state.


  1. I love "a beer version of lemonade!"

  2. Haven't had Moonlight yet...sounds tasty. I loved the Subtropical Saison (both versions).

  3. Florida has really become a home of great beers and great breweries. Here's to that trend continuing.

    My favorite Florida beers:
    Dunedin Brewery's Apricot Peach Ale and Pale Ale. 7venth Sun's Mangrove IIPA and F*YA. St. Somewhere Brewing's Anne. Cigar City Brewing's Humidor IPA and White Oak Jai Alai. Southern Brewing and Winemaking's Double Pecan Brown.

    1. P.S., Dunedin Brewery: The craft beer community of Google+ misses you over there.

  4. Great list of favorites, Alton. We'll try to get back over to Google+.

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